Nha Trang:

No-smoke environment to be kept on tourist boats

Published: Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017
The Steering Committee on Smoking and Health in Nha Trang and the Tobacco Control Fund (the Ministry of Health) have jointly guided implementation of no-smoke tourism environment for boat owners in Nha Trang.
At the training class, the boat owners were given knowledge about active and passive smoking at tourist spots, reality of smoking in Vietnam and in Khanh Hoa, and significance of building non-smoking tourism environment.


At Cau Da Port
At Cau Da Port
Le Xuan Ban, director of Vinh Xanh Tourism Company Limited, said that the company has 11 tourist boats operating at Cau Da Port, but the company hadn’t been guided about building non-smoking tourism environment. Therefore, there is no warning “No smoking” on boats. “After this training class, we will hang the board “No smoking” on our boats. However, I think that the port should have an area for smokers”, confirmed Ban.
Mai Dinh Phuong, another tourist boat owner at Cau Da Port, said that, “To keep safety for passengers and prevent fire, my boats have warning boards “No smoking” and all our staff don’t smoke on boats. Sometimes several tourists still smoked but we warned them.”
According to Nha Trang Bay Management Board, Nha Trang Bay Management Board will coordinate with related units to develop prevent the evils of tobacco at tourist ports. More propaganda is needed and offenders will be fined.
No-smoke tourism is an effective measure to execute rights of non-smokers to breathe fresh air and enjoy civilized environment. It contributes in attracting tourists. It also helps people working in tourism to reduce risks of diseases caused by smoke. “The majority of population are non-smokers. They have right to breathe air not polluted by smoke”, said Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, an official of the Tobacco Control Fund (under the Ministry of Health).
Translated by T.T