Visitors well dressed in some religious places in Nha Trang

Some spiritual spots in Nha Trang like Ponagar Temple, Long Son Pagoda, Nha Trang Cathedral, etc. have regulations on dressing to visitors. The implementation has done well so far.

Tourism connection between Khanh Hoa Province and Phu Yen Province

Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen are neighbouring provinces. Tourism connection between the two provinces is an advantage and is expected to bring travelers new experiences.

Three resorts in Nha Trang listed 10 best Vietnam luxury resorts

The travel website has recently listed 10 best Vietnam luxury resorts. Three out of ten listed resorts are in Nha Trang, those are Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang, Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel...