Khanh Hoa bodybuilding club championships: maintain movement development

Thứ Tư, 06/11/2013, 10:46 [GMT+7]

Khanh Hoa bodybuilding club championships: maintain movement development

Despite the difficulty in financial and human resources, the Khanh Hoa bodybuilding club championships held this year showed that this sports still has a position in the development of sports in Khanh Hoa Province.
Joining this year’s tournament were 25 athletes from 4 locals and clubs which had a strong bodybuilding movement, including Nha Trang club, HCB Ninh Hoa, Vinh Phuoc and Dien Khanh District.
The athletes, divided into weight classes from 55 to 75kg, competed in 2 events: showing physical beauty in self-selected music and performing seven compulsory poses (abdominal and thigh, front double biceps, rear double biceps, etc.).


Athletes compete at tournament.
This year’s tournament had less number of bodybuilders and participating clubs than in previous years (nearly 50 athletes from 7 clubs in 2005). However, the preparation in force of participants in this tournament showed that the clubs and locals have still maintained the bodybuilding movement. 
Although the tournament only lasted for two days, the good presiding of the referee board and performances of the bodybuilders added with the tremendous cheer of the audiences partly asserted the attraction of this sport.
10 outstanding athletes out of 25 ones were chosen to enter the final section held on November 3. Finally, Lam Vu (HBC Ninh Hoa Club) won the golden medal after his excellent performances in two events. The two runners-up were Mai Xuan Vu and Vo Xuan Quang from Nha Trang City.
According to Pham Hong Viet, Deputy Director of the provincial center of services & sports competition cum Head of supervisory board, this was the 14th bodybuilding club championships held at provincial level. Through each tournament, bodybuilding still has a certain position in the general development of sports in Khanh Hoa Province.
Through yearly tournaments, excellent bodybuilders have been discovered and sent to the national bodybuilding championships, bringing good achievements to Khanh Hoa sport. This is the motivation and important condition which help bodybuilding to be maintained and developed.

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