Khanh Hoa Province:

Forestry attached importance in Khanh Son

Wednesday, 30/11/2016, 22:58 [GMT+7]

Forestry attached importance in Khanh Son

Khanh Son District (Khanh Hoa Province) encourages local people to develop forestry, especially growing acacia trees. The district authority has also worked with businesses to look for stable output for forest products.
Acacia forest areas rising sharply
Acacia is purchased at rather high price, VND1 million/ton. A hectare of well-cared acacia trees can give 70 – 80 tons. After expenses, acacia growers in Khanh Son District earn about VND50 million/hectare. The high price has encouraged growers try to reach high yield. Some have changed corn and manioc on hill side land into acacia.
According to Le Anh Quang, official of agriculture in Son Binh Commune, in the recent time, the area of acacia in the commune has made a sharp increase, from about 250 hectares in 2010 to about 500 hectares now. Beside the acacia area supported seeds by the State under Program 147, local people buy seeds for themselves to grow.
In Son Hiep Commune, growing acacia trees on forestry land has also been done. Tran Tan Chong, chairman of Son Hiep Commune People’s Committee said, “The acacia growing area in the commune has risen from 130 hectares in 2010 to 280 hectares now. The local authority encourages growing acacia trees on lands where growing fruits and industrial trees is not effective.”
In the whole Khanh Son District, the acacia growing area increased from 440 hectares in 2010 to 1,400 hectares in 2011 – 2014, 2,500 hectares in end 2015. In 2016, along with 250 hectares of acacia trees under Program 147, more 323 hectares of acacia has been grown.


Acacia is currently first choice of forestry in Khanh Son District.
Acacia is currently first choice of forestry in Khanh Son District.
Linking with businesses for stable output
To have stable output for acacia and encourage local people to grow forests, Khanh Son District has invited wood processing companies for advancing and underwriting contracts. The coordination has been done in Son Hiep Commune and Son Binh Commune at first. In 2016, Dai Thang Wood Processing Co., Ltd. advanced money and underwrote acacia for about 20 households in Son Hiep Commune. This has helped growers to develop acacia forests, not to sell little acacia trees.
Le Thi Nhung, an acacia grower in Lien Hoa Hamlet, Son Binh Commune, said, “My family has 5 hectares of 4-year-old acacia trees. I have signed a contract with the company. With this contract, I was advanced money from the company and committed to sell all our acacia for the company in harvest. The company has also committed to buy our acacia at market price. This is a good way, creating stable output for acacia and making growers feel secure.”
Hai Lang
Translated by T.T