Khanh Hoa's fine art: looking forward to improvement

There are 13 paintings of Khanh Hoa painters being selected to display at the fine art exhibition of the South Central and Highlands in Quy Nhon City in August 2017. This is good news for Khanh Hoa's fine art. However, there are still many things to do in order to promote the fine art activities in the Khanh Hoa.   

Music festival for children in Khanh Hoa

A music festival for children's houses over the province was organized by Khanh Hoa Provincial Children's House on July 25.  

Khanh Hoa Storytelling Contest for Children 2017 opens

On July 5, Khanh Hoa Library held Storytelling Contest for Children 2017, themed "When drinking water, think of its source".